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We request a current, government issued age-verifying photo identification for wine tasting and purchase. ( Indiana law)

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Black(berry) Friday - 11/27/15... (at the winery)
The day after Thanksgiving is the unofficial kickoff to the Christmas shopping season, and we are no exception. For that Friday (and that day only), our Blackberry wine will be marked down 20% off its regular price. Blackberry is one of our most popular wines, and this is us embracing events beyond our control. Blackberry will not receive the regular 5% or 10% quantity discounts, but will still count towards those discounts for non-Blackberry wines. We won't be opening at midnight, but you are welcome to ride the Yule tidal wave with us.

We have a bit of exciting news to announce, news that will hopefully permanently alter the status of North Eastern Indiana for good (no foolin'). Satek Winery, along with 6 other wineries, are joining together to form Wineries of Indiana's North East or the W.I.N.E. Tour, a multi-stage unique experience for the wine consumers and connoisseurs of the surrounding areas. More information will be forthcoming but a good place to learn more (like when we offically flip the "on" switch) will be our Tour Facebook page, a link to which can be found here.


Watch this space for additional events.